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SHP 2 4100 Hand pump

Article No: 200004
LBS Weight
Psi Working pressure
In3 Oil volume

For the largest and most demanding applications, we offer a hydraulic hand pump with 250.2 in3 (4.1 liters) of oil volume. If you need to connect several cylinders, or have very long hoses, the increased oil volume will come in handy.


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Our SHP hydraulic hand pumps are used for single acting cylinders or tools. All models are equipped with overload protection and are available with pressure gauge. This gives the operator precise and safe control over the work being performed. The pressure gauge can be mounted directly on the pump and is well protected by the specially designed pump lever. The two stage function makes the pump easier to use, and ensures that the cylinder or tool reaches its operating position significantly faster compared to single stage pumps.

  • Hydraulic return port is standard on all pumps.
  • Robust aluminium tank with low weight and simple oil filling.
  • Swivel coupling is standard, so that the hose can be rotated to the best working position, even under full pressure.
  • Needle release valve provides precise control over the release operation.
  • Mounting holes for fixed installations.
  • Locking system for the pump lever for safer transport.

All pumps have a 3/8" NPT thread connection.

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Weight 30.2 lbs