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Welcome to Simson Power Tools

Already by the mid 1950's, a hydraulic compact jack of our own design was developed which combined low weight with high capacity. The unique jack, that featured a built-in hydraulic pump, raised attention and quickly became a success.

The demand increased and built the foundation for Simson Power Tools in Hofors, Sweden, where the company head office still is located today. We have a subsidiary office in Germany and many official dealers are representing Simson Power Tools all over the world.

We understand the importance of quality

Simson Power Tools is really all about quality. The mentality is deeply rooted in our DNA and company culture, and comes in a bigger perspective from our heritage as a country. Sweden is, albeit its size, a nation packed with innovative and international businesses, artists and athletics to mention a few things.

In addition to being home for several world renowned tech companies, such as Spotify and Klarna, we’re also a huge ice hockey nation. When it comes to current NHL players by Country, Sweden is on third place with a whopping 91 players in the 2019-2020 season, only after Canada and USA in number. In all we do – we strive to be the best. As said, it’s in our culture.

Technical Support

To support our customers for technical problems has become even more important. Decades of experience has trained us into experts on power tools and we can always suggest solutions that save time and money.

We also manufacture special tools and solutions that are specially adapted for defined demands. Often with short lead-times and with competitive prices, when safety and quality is in focus. Today's jacks and accessories from Simson Power Tools are reliable and powerful tools with a wide application range, preferably in the heavy industry all over the world.

Reliable and Powerful Tools

The first prototype of our jacks was developed during the mid-1950’s. A genius repairer built a jack to facilitate maintenance job on overhead crane, particularly wheel replacement.

Since then, a lot has happened, but the original principles are still the same: to combine high capacity with userfriendliness and quality!

Use cases

Our jacks can be used in a wide range of activities. These YouTube videos showcases just a few popular applications, as well as some of the features of the Kompakt jacks.

Disc Extractor
Bolt through jack
Jack under water
Exploded View
Release the jack
Simson Kompakt Jack